The GPD Story

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Established in 1961, Great Plains Distributors, LP is a local, family owned and operated beverage distributor. We are a service-oriented business with the goal of providing our customers with unrivaled levels of service while delivering the highest quality and innovative beer brands in the market today.

Great Plains was founded in Lubbock, Texas, in March of 1961 as one of the first four distributors in the state assigned to sell and distribute Coors Brewing Company beers. Great Plains was exclusively assigned Lubbock County as well as 14 surrounding counties in West Texas. The Company grew substantially after becoming the exclusive distributor of the Miller Brewing Company in December of 2002.

Today, Great Plains consists of around 90 employees. The company also now distributes more than 520 items from over 90 brands, and represents 24 suppliers including our early supplier partners now known as MillerCoors.